Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Hongzhou,in Chinese,it is the combination of two words, hóng(鸿) and zhōu (洲).Hong means a large swan, 鸿鹄(hóng hú) which represents the ambition for developing century-old enterprises. Zhou refers to the land in the water, which represents the vast area of the earth, and describes the development direction of human.

The group's career prospect is to bring up staff and return to the society by the leading technology of this industry."Bring up staff"means all Hongzhou people are encouraged to improve themselves through good learning method and specialists' instructions.They will bring ever-lasting joys and happiness to both themselves and their family members through the talents they have acquired. What have pleased me most is the facts that our employees have continuously made progress drastically whilst our company is experiencing rapid development.Reward society indicates that we establish win-win cooperation more closely with our customers and add more edge-cutting advantages for them; by using products with top techniques, people will share the modern scientific and technological innovations in an easier and more convenient way,and will enjoy the colorful high quality living, all these will happen no matter where and when.

We follow the trend and keep abreast of the tide.In the course of accomplishing the visions,you will be aware that it is Honghou Group's goal to promote the development of precision and super precision engineering technology,contribute  to Made In China to Created In China.Hongzhou provides all of us a stage to realize our dream through hard learning and struggling,as well as the continuous self-change.We will spare no efforts to fulfill the commitments and sincerely hope you will render full support and assistance

Hongzhou will integrate high quality resources,take the modular mode,incorporate vertical integrated batch production capacity,low-cost structure,and outstanding customer collaboration,we are good at quick response to customer's requirement about tailor-made product,providing customers with one-stop solutions.Aspire to become one of the leaders of the high-tech manufacturer in China.

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