Cinema self-help to sell the ticket machine to realize the automatic cinemas

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Today's movie theaters, in order to give customers a better experience, has made the improvement in many aspects, are moving in some more human and technical management in the development of cinema self-help sell the ticket machine has now become the preferred theater tickets, use cinema self-service ticket sales and taking let people saved a lot of time buying tickets, ticket office working personnel workload reduce a lot, not only improve the efficiency of the staff and bring to customers quickly. Not only that, the use of the theaters self-help sell the ticket machine sent staff to facilitate statistical and query ticket sales and quantity. Cinema self-help sell the ticket machine to use, in order to solve the fans are better than one ticket difficult problem; This means that the fans don't need to back in the human long lines of the ticket window, can directly collect the tickets for tickets on the cinema self-help to sell the tickets, the fastest to buy, a few minutes to get to their favorite movie tickets, for fans, this is certainly a big surprise. From the use effect of the cinema ticket sales and taking buffet, cinema self-help sell the ticket machine is also popular with the people in the movie, after all, now the movie personnel are mainly young people, it is more in line with the young man always kiss as a way of doing things. Buy the ticket in the cinema, because sometimes have a very popular movie theaters, so is a lot of movie researchers to buy tickets, this time, the traditional artificial ticket Windows is crowded with people, let whole movie theaters, more like a crowded movie of the performance. Self-service machines for this question is very good solution. Cinema self-service ticket sales and taking can be the ticket as the counter for the customer service, at the same time more efficient and convenient. WeChat, unionpay to pay to the customer's ticket increase a lot of convenient, customers choose according to his be fond of you want to watch movie, ticketing and payment, the whole process in just two to three minutes under normal circumstances, again from the pain of waiting in line, many customers are very satisfied. Internet booking the tickets at the same time enter a phone number or collect the tickets, scanning code simple and quick, bring different experience of new tickets for the customer. Cinema self-service ticket sales and taking combined unionpay, pay treasure, WeChat pay the ticket and use the qr code, verification code, phone number, the membership card to collect the tickets, tickets and collect the tickets channel way, and also have the ability to print certificate; Cinema self-help once the ticket machine is put into use, has won the popularity of many fans. Ticket only need according to cinema self collect the tickets on the prompt, choose want to watch the movie, chooses seat, after use the unionpay card or other payment method confirm the payment. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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