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Hotel Check-in Kiosk
Hotel Check-in Kiosk

Hotel check-in and check-out kiosks can instantly increase efficiency in any property,Hongzhou Smart have developed all kinds of kiosk hardware solutions for hotels and guesthouses – self-service check-in and check-out.The kiosk product works as a stand-alone or associated self-service reception for hotel guests. Except software is offered by customers,the only condition for using our solution is the existence of compatible door locks.

How check-in is from the guest’s point of view 

1. Guests will create their reservation and arrive at the hotel

2. Confirm their reservation / check-in on self-service machine

3. Make a cash payment or with credit card by credit card reader or POS machine

4. Print receipt, ERS and hotel passport,optional contract including guest signature

5. Receives a programmed key/RFID card to their room

6. The kiosk machine will check the hotel’s check-in information(Including the number of cards issued, their identification, etc.)

How check-out is from the guest’s point of view

1. Guest choose on-screen button “Check-out.”

2. Log in as same as in case check-in(for example by using your email and reservation number)

3. Upon request, Guests returns their hotel room cards

4. It will pay the resulting amount if the hotel reservation system is required

5. kiosk print a receipt for a payment

6. Kiosk writes the result “Check-out” to the reservation system (for example,info about refunded cards, about payment, about the time of the guest’s departure)



Hotel Check-in and Check-out Kiosk Advantages:

The use of self guest check-in and check-out technology is becoming more and more widespread in the hotel industry, unlocking guest experience value through customer self-service.

24/7 hours self-service Kiosks allow guests to check-in and check-out,pay for their stay and get or return their room cards or keys without the need to interact with reception staff, allowing hotels to switch employees efforts to other departments.

A limited but growing number of Property Management Systems now offer their own Self Service Check-In Kiosk.

Why Choose Hongzhou Smart ?

At Hongzhou Smart,we partner with passionate industry leaders to transform hospitality by providing innovative kiosk solution and services to hotels across the globe.

Hongzhou Smarts team has tested most existing hotel applications on the market, giving us deep insights to help you make the right choice. Taking your specific needs and budget into account, we can help you choose the right Self Service Check-in Kiosk for your hotel business.

As a leading Self-Service Kiosk turnkey solution provider and manufacturer,HongzhouSmart can offer customer one stop ODM and OEM Smart kiosk hardware solution from kiosk design,kiosk cabinet fabrication,kiosk function module selection,kiosk assembly and kiosk testing in house.Hotel kiosk design can be custom made according to your prefer,have a Hotel kiosk project,please contact us today.

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