Information kiosks category explanation

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Self-service terminals has become in our daily life cannot leave a device, the emergence of kiosks, is not only convenient for the staff, but also convenient for the People's Daily life, improve the efficiency of life, brings us a more beautiful experience. Information as a professional research and development production of self-service terminal manufacturers, what are the categories of products? To learn together! 1, kiosks, e-government self-service terminal is a very common kiosks, everybody used in government, business, such as stamp duty kiosks, kiosks and frontier inspection station business license to print terminals, power grid payment kiosks, public security files management terminal, court self-service terminal printing and so on! 2 kiosks, medical kiosks medical treatment is a good thing, solved many problems, such as leakage, paper loss and so on all sorts of problems, can be a very good kiosks! 3, scenic area cinema kiosks kiosks, kiosks and cinemas play as long as it is love, love watching movies can often come into contact with people, not introduced here, everyone understand. 4, hotel kiosks the self-service terminal is relatively a little bit unusual, because the kiosks or limited at present, countries strict inspection check-in registration information, machine and human, after all, than, after all is flawed, so kiosks basic is in that big hotel will have! 5, station kiosks is a common, not much to explain! 6, self-service terminal customization information according to user requirements, different functions can be customized, please call advisory: on a self-service terminal machines how many money?
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