Inspection report self-help print terminal manufacturers

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Compared with the traditional manual management, inspection report self-service printing machine, printer hospital report, report self-help printers, the self-service equipment can realize self-help report print service 24 hours a day. Make the hospital workflow optimized greatly, improve the efficiency of the hospital work, save the human cost, and convenient can make patients get report. Inspection report self-service printing terminals, solve the hospital in patients after various inspection check, report the cumulative serious, easy to lost, find difficult. Raised the people of department work, and it also solves the patients in the test window and service head time patients waiting to take inspection report, easy to leak privacy. 'queuing for 1 hour, doctor 3 minutes' is often heard in China complain about to see a doctor. Inspection report self-help printers, for citizens, reduce waiting time. Patients need to detect when a doctor of bar code on the bar code reader of the machine in the brush, you can query, print test reports. Self-service terminals, not only convenient to the patient, there are a variety of services, can according to own situation, choose the appropriate service. If the day is not convenient to see a doctor will also be able to carry out a patient get an appointment booking, in addition to complete outpatient fee self-service, search the hospital outpatient service fee information, and a variety of services such as hospitalization fee information.
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