Internet + smart technology make catering mode

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
Now the social development has been linked with the change of the Internet, more and more industry began to Internet + model, using a combination of intelligent technology and the Internet to reform. Restaurant such as intelligence, wisdom, dining room, no one hotel and the intelligence community, and so on, these are the products of Internet + model. Today, the authors introduce you to the mode of Internet + intelligent technology is how to make food? In the pattern of dining-room, a lot of our intelligence is the use of new technology and the Internet to build a new intelligent dining scene in the application. Catering industry competition is very big, many businessmen in the pursuit of service at the same time, also to the requirement of intelligent is quite high. This kind of food is mainly adopts visual settlement platform combined with the Internet, through visual settlement platform to improve settlement speed, reduce the settlement and the probability of error. Visual settlement stage will be the amount of detailed records in the background check, manage convenience stores the entire restaurant operations. Can also according to the background of consumption record to adjust dishes, these only need on the Internet cloud platform can be adjusted. Internet + smart technology mode, in the use of AI visual intelligent recognition technology ensure that invoicing is calculated at the same time, also made use of the Internet, cloud computing ability. For food consumption is calculated, according to the overall consumer behavior to adjust the whole restaurant dishes, ensure that merchants benefit maximization.
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