Machine vision settlement to be able to accurately identify the dishes?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
Visual and settlement of identification of dishes is correct? This problem has been the most businessmen care about most. Visual settlement platform as a relatively mature product, the market has a certain usage. Such as the launch of the latest VS100 visual settlement stage were used in Mr Rice stores, this can prove the visual settlement can be competent in the market. Now the visual settlement has recognition accuracy is very high, the data of the experiment is as high as 99%. Settlement by computer visual AI intelligent recognition technology is very strong, can upload pictures of the dishes with automatic identification ratio. And according to food industry application scenario for the problem, some businesses may have many similar items at the same time. So visual settlement can by comparison with the background information, found to have similar items carried out while the pop-up warning. This way we can avoid mistakes very well, and visual and settlement stage if routes according to identify the image to the background recognition compared again. That is to say, the visual settlement can be through this learning mode, after rising use can effectively avoid identification difficult problem again. The smart work mode, it will only make visual performances of settlement stage will be more and more high. In addition, the visual is clearing machines have a mechanism can effectively prevent the error from the wrong question. Taiwan to the settlement of the merchants to activate visual background dishes, will be prompted merchants in similar businesses choose dishes. Such fault avoidance mechanisms can be effectively avoid recognition dishes at source has the probability of error prone, can better normal operation in the restaurant. Visual settlement stage this aspect to the settlement of the recognition accuracy is very high, can help merchants solve the problem in the check-out recognition efficiency slow. And visual settlement platform technology is very intelligent, can completely avoid the businessman appeared to identify food is not accurate.
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