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Medical Self Service Kiosk
Medical Self Service Kiosk

All round hospital services from general information enquiry, appointment registration, consultation progress display, ticket issuing,testing report(B ultrasonic,CT,MRI)Printing to payment.

The Medical Self Service Kiosk for Patient Check-in and Registration Payment Kiosk identify patients by ID card/Passport, Social Insurance Card, Facial with live detecting, which ensures a patient is a real person and the right person.Our Smart kiosk will improve outpatient flow at hospitals and clinics with Hongzhou's custom-designed Patient Flow Management System that enables management to efficiently organize staff, resources and patient queues so that patients receive the right care at the right time in a comfortable, hassle-free environment.

From patient check-in to patient calling and appointment management, Hongzhou's Kiosk Management Systems allow hospitals and clinics to map patient journey, efficiently manage patient wait times and organize the entire patient flow at hospital and clinic service areas.

As a leading Self-Service Kiosk turnkey solution provider and manufacturer,Hongzhou Smart provides a proven kiosk turnkey solution portfolio in the full range of self-service vertical. From mainstream applications for Restaurant,Hospital,Theater,Hotel,Retail, Government and Financial,HR,Airport,Communication Services to “off the charts” custom platforms in emerging markets such as Bitcoin,Currency Exchange,New Retails Vending,Bike Sharing,Lottery vending,we are highly experienced and have a success in virtually every self-service market. Hongzhou Smart kiosk experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation.

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