Self-help cash register is really suitable for commercial retail scene?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Currently, more and more supermarkets, convenience stores, bookstores and other commercial retail scene application self-service register, self-service checkout ways, improve the efficiency of cashier, greatly reduce the customer queuing time, improving the user's shopping experience. But the self-service register really suitable for commercial retail scene? Shopping centers, supermarkets and other places of large retail, passenger flow during peak hours will be queued up for the situation. Such cases, for customers to wait in line a long time, for merchants to cashier efficiency is slow, need to increase the cashiers, increase labor costs. Introduce self service cash registers, can be in under the condition of artificial cashier, increase the cashier settlement channels, equivalent to open more channels of cashier. In addition to the large retail scene, face recognition self-service register can be used to self service and settlement, can also be used in convenience stores, clothing stores and other small retail scene. And there are no stores open 24 hours a day, self-service checkout equipment can realize cashier throughout the settlement. Combining self service cashier and artificial cashier, convenience store can help reduce the manpower cost, optimize the staff scheduling and work arrangement. Using self-service register, can make the customers at times of peak flow, reduce queuing time, improve the efficiency of settlement, also can increase the rate of customers to the store. Face recognition self-service register can improve the efficiency of cashier, alleviate the pressure of the shang chao deng retail scene of cashier, save the customer waiting time, digital and offline sales data. Implementation of member management, data analysis was carried out on the sales data, adjust the goods, understand the members customer interests, precision marketing, booster wisdom retail operations. To sum up the various advantages of self-service register for existing supermarkets, convenience stores, bookstores and other commercial retail scene help is very much, and is especially suitable for the application of this scene, can fully play its role.
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