Self-help order machine, leading the forefront of catering era

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Especially China as gourmet power, the restaurant industry has been the most popular with consumers. But as the industry competition and human costs, such as the rent rising, catering enterprises to bring great survival pressure. The catering intelligent artifact - - order machine, make traditional restaurant industry docking with the Internet thinking perfect blend, indicate the a new path to the restaurant. order machine can not only convenient to choose food, can also according to different taste and characteristic such as recommended packages to choose from. After customers some good food, can sweep WeChat, pay treasure payment code. After the success, we settle order opportunity to transmit data to the catering area automatically, by catering division after single catering to the area. Customers take food or by the service personnel directly to the customer table. Quick order, payment, catering, room process. Efficient order, improving customer order experience; The human cost and reduce the restaurant. For restaurant, profit is not only the human capital of reduce, improve work efficiency, and good customer experience. And, more importantly, the customer order in self-service machine that happened after the order of a series of big data, statistical dishes ordering system can sales ranking, turnover, and order way, customer preferences, member statistics and analysis of data analysis, etc. Restaurant owners, headquarters of the chain can be according to the data analysis, understanding of the real requirements of customers. To the restaurant, brand do corresponding adjustments. Through the statistics and analysis can help the restaurant lasting profit, is the charm of self service order machine. The key to improve the restaurant value. With the rapid development of science and technology, believes that the future of the restaurant industry will be more automatic and intelligent. order machine also will continue to upgrade, let your restaurant walk at the forefront of age!
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