Self-help order system, let double efficiency of ordering a meal in a restaurant

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Each peak point meal, the waiter reception, serving speed slow, accumulation of orders to cannot handle. Customer is packaged or eat-in, the businessman encountered this situation not only old customers do not leave, new customers see this kind of situation will greatly reduce the impression of merchants. Every meal to the peak, the restaurant operation will be served slowly, orders accumulated to unable to deal with such issues, no matter is consumer packaged or dining in a restaurant, in the face of such situation customer impression of merchants greatly reduced, resulting in better retain customers. Merchants for these circumstances there is no way that can only helplessly looking at consumers go to other shop. Order now, a new type of artifact is food and beverage outlets around the rapid development, the self-service order machine. What is a self-service order machine? The so-called self-help order machine order is through the self-service terminals, data transmission to the kitchen, achieve rapid order, payment, catering, room process, efficient and convenient order, improving customer order experience; Dinner in rush hour traffic, self service order machine in many chaotic situation will be resolved, and shorten the customer waiting time before dinner, thus improve the restaurant's turn over rate. order machine is not only used in small and medium-sized restaurant stores, it also can be applied in including milk tea shop, coffee shop, restaurant, restaurant, convenience stores, and many other different types of businesses, specific how to operate? The authors give you details. order machine connection after the restaurant kitchen and cashier functions, when customers into the store, through the touch screen to browse the store order machine dishes, price and other information and some of their favorite food order payment ( Payment available WeChat sweep/alipay code of payment) 。 New, convenient and rapid, it represents a new way of ordering is coming! Not only convenient in operating order, the function, businesses use order system to check the data analysis function effect! Customers in the use of self-service order machine produced a series of big data after order, by ordering system can get the summary analysis. These data include food sales ranking, turnover, customer preferences, etc. The boss through data analysis and understanding of the real requirements of customers, to adjust restaurant, brand strategy. order machine, changed the way of ordering a meal in a restaurant, a finger gently on a touch screen order, to place an order to pay to complete the order, the whole process of two simple steps. Restaurant will be ordering system to receive the customer's order. Convenient, quick implementation of the self-service order process.
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