Self-service terminal equipment - Tax terminal into the self-help bank branches

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
To the bank for business, through self-service terminal equipment can conveniently query, print, personal tax payment certificate and social security, and easy and quick. Recently, the xiamen city tax revenue innovation socialization mode, for the first time the 'silver tax tax terminals interconnected self service' moved into the hall bank branch. It is understood that the first 'tasting' a shekel new mode of cooperation, is located in the center of the road in the commercial business hall of China merchants bank xiamen branch. On a shekel interconnected self service tax terminal, the taxpayer, JiaoFeiRen are only the second generation id card, you can query, print, and certificate of insurance cost of fare of cost of individual income tax, to deal with the loan application, their children to study abroad and other business without having to return the bank and tax bureau. Enterprise financial personnel in deal with banking business at the same time, can also be used by the taxpayer identification number and password, electronic revenue tax terminals in self-service terminal equipment for taxpayers in general proof printing, the unit proof of social security printing, employee social security business, taxpayer declare detail basic information query, query and other five business. 'Chose tax terminals installed self-help in China merchants bank xiamen branch, because here business built-up, taxpayers tax demand is big. 'Xiamen revenue tax services division Li Wu introduction,' and are far away from each BanShuiTing, self service tax terminal set here, can facilitate business and personal experience to the nearest one hall type a shekel. '' in the bank line up at the same time, he dropped the unit staff to submit proof of social security printing good, don't have to go on a window of taxation. 'To deal with business letter of xiamen said liu jianchang, director of the original xin decoration engineering co. , LTD. Data show that the self-service terminal equipment installed within a few days, dozens of people the taxpayer to handle the personal payment certificates to print, enterprise employees submit records of social security, etc.
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