Self-service terminal of knowledge

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
With the development of the society, the application of science and technology products also more and more. Self-service terminals can is a 24-hour non-stop self service accepts the multimedia information publishing system and equipment, business hall and self-service inquiry system, business hall new business experience a buffet. The self-service terminals are widely used in communications, finance, government, transportation, medical, industrial and commercial, tax and other industries. Self-service terminals self-service terminals support customized, it can not only show the comfortable trading interface, also can expand the function of multimedia advertising, trade between multimedia ads can win more business opportunities for the customer, but also have profound brand influence for the enterprise. Self-service terminal USES is the design of high temperature and strong exhaust function can guarantee the operation of the machine more stable. Surface are all made of high quality outdoor plastic powder spraying with dustproof, waterproof, riot design greatly enhance the environmental adaptability of the machine. Support power to spit card, protect the customer's bank card user information. Self-service terminal adopts modular structure design, to achieve high reliability and stability of the product at the same time, make the maintenance more convenient, and can greatly reduce maintenance costs. According to human engineering mechanics design, can provide customers with comfortable environment, self-service more humanized design principle of products. With the development of the society, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people in the field of entertainment consumption has been increased. The option of watching movies at home no matter how many, but many people still choose to go to big screen viewing experience. With the development of movie industry, the application of the self-service terminal bring many convenience to the cinema, the following, the author and you take a look at self-help terminal whether application brought the benefits to the cinema: 1, improve customer satisfaction, through the use of self-service terminals can shorten the queue time of purchase or collect the tickets, can enhance the customer experience. The same can also improve customer satisfaction to improve income. 2 and reduce labor costs. Although you don't want to, also should not implement technology to replace your each cashier, but you can use one or two self-service terminals instead of a few employees to reduce your Labour costs. This can reduce the number of workers needed for the shift, or allow you to redistribute to other areas need more labor force. 3, reduce the time of the audience queuing to buy tickets: install self-service terminals in the cinema hall, the audience can choose to buy tickets in the self-service terminals, rather than in queuing to buy tickets to the ticket window. Self-service terminals can also let the audience and pay the tickets online, then print it out when they arrived at the cinema. 4, franchising coordination easier: for cinema, coordinate zone concession area, food preparation is a difficult task. When hot dogs, chicken, pizza and other food to join the franchise menu, and hot food like popcorn, candy and drinks, things get more complicated. However, self-service terminal simplifies the charter service. Through self-help sell the ticket machine, customers can faster than in franchise booth waiting for underground orders and receive the order. Everyone watching movies need to input order in self-service terminal equipment of the touch screen, and then went to charter booth to receive the order. Order the faster, the guest can take away and enjoy more quickly. Using self-service terminals in charter booth accept orders, you can eliminate misunderstanding or listen to the wrong customer instructions, employees making franchise coordination easier. Caused by the decrease of error to input order delivery process more simplified.
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