Self-service terminals function is introduced and the self-service terminal characteristics is introduced

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
Self-service terminals function provides the passbook, envelope printing, print statements, a checking account deposits, payments and deposits and a series of convenient services. Related business can only be done through public kiosks, don't need other people. The equipment can save personnel costs, reduce operating costs. Self-service terminal simplify procedures: reduce the guests in the hotel check-in registration, reservation, check-in procedures of consulting, etc. The guests to the hotel self-service terminals, according to the prompt operation program, namely can be finished within 30 seconds reservation, check-in, continue to live in. To achieve fast check-in, no stay. This is because the self-service terminal equipment machine adopt the RFID technology, also can be called radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. First of all, the self-service terminal interactivity compared with SAN product were improved. Business and handling with the remote customer service with double screen display forms, and increase the interaction of the service of the hardware buttons, make ShenBanRen can call the background the personnel of the service at any time. Second, human body engineering principle is adopted to improve the product design, business to handle screen ShenBanRen eps appropriate height, the interaction of the service of the screen Angle can make ShenBanRen convenient service to interact with the background and ShenBanRen can be comfortable sitting in front of a terminal for items to declare. Self-service terminal characteristics are as follows: 1, novel appearance, elegant and generous. 2, the exterior wear-resisting, anti-corrosion spray powder, accord with human body engineering, compact structure, easy to use, maintenance is convenient. 3, waterproof, dustproof, high safety performance. 4, all steel structure, long running life, high precision, high stability and reliability. 5, cost-effective, customized design, environmental adaptability is strong, in various fields it can greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise production, enhance the reputation of customer service. Self-service terminal used in the business hall or public places to provide all-weather 24-hour self service pay cost, information query, business application, slip printing services.
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