Self-service ticket machine how to maintain?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Self-service ticket machine has been widely used in all kinds of self-service terminals, such as: ticket kiosks, medical air kiosks, kiosks, kiosks, etc. Self-service machines in use after a period of time, want to maintain, especially for inside the printer maintenance is very important, under the information technology today is to introduce the self-service ticket machine maintenance method. First, clean the sensor. When there is the following self-service ticket machine, is going to clean the sensor: lack of paper not alarm; Occasionally submitted to the lack of paper printing process, printer error; Sensor misstatement of paper; Self-service ticket machine cannot effectively identifying markers, etc. Sensor cleaning method is as follows: 1, the self-service ticket machine printer power shut down, sliding limit block on the cover, gear cover components to 90 degrees. 2, with twist dry alcohol sponge to wipe stain and dust on the surface of the sensor; Wipe clean, after being alcohol completely evaporate, close the cover components. Second, cleaning, printing rubber roller. When there is one of the following the self-service ticket machine print head, must carry on the clean printing rubber roller, feed big noise, such as the print is not clear. Cleaning method of printing roller is: 1, turn off the printer, sliding limit block on the cover, gear cover components to 90 degrees. 2, turn the rubber roller printing, at the same time with alcohol cotton ball wiping dust on the surface of the printing rubber roller, after being all alcohol volatilization, close the printer cover components. Self-service ticket machine how to maintain? Through the above points, we have a certain understanding, when the self-service ticket machine maintenance, be careful not to use hard objects, such as tweezers, etc. , cut rubber roller and the print head; In order to improve the service life of the self-service ticket machine, information science and technology advice and cleaning equipment regularly every month, when necessary, to increase the number of cleaning. More relevant knowledge about self-service terminals, please focus on: information technology
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