Smart cupboard help expand restaurant 'cache', allowing you to take food

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
Went into a fast-food restaurant, especially the dining peak, queuing, order, waiting for, take food, need to spend ten minutes before the time of waiting, so the efficiency of the inevitable decrease the rate of restaurant turned Taiwan, will lose a lot of customers. In the face of such situation, a lot of food and beverage business in combination with delivery platform, but the bad thing is the customer need to wait for a few minutes of time, to pay the additional shipping fee, and sent to the customer hands the food quality than in a restaurant. Restaurant in the face of these difficulties, how to better improve the efficiency, to provide customers a better dining way? Based on these pain points and market situation of fast-food restaurants, introduce our smart canteen management system intelligent sideboard. Help fast-food restaurants without any increase in staff, don't increase in area sell more fast food. This solution is for fast-food restaurants add a 'cache' tool, it can let dining-room put in customer order online good fast food, and customers will be take meal number directly to the shop to take food. Front-end hardware and software with the restaurant, the kitchen a perfect fusion of online system and customer on WeChat or cell phone APP booked in advance order, complete after payment, the restaurant can receive orders, catering, intelligent take food tank system will automatically send take food or qr code to the students on the phone, with the meal number ( Qr code) And then in the smart take food take food in the cupboard. Diner, you just need to take food in a limited amount of time spent waiting in line in the canteen. Also improve the whole service quality and efficiency of the dining room. Smart and convenient use for cupboard, let customer irritation waiting to get a free meal in a restaurant. And diners in accordance with the needs and preferences point would like to have meals in advance. Because the smart take cupboard has 40 - 60 ℃ intelligent thermal preservation, safe disinfection sterilization function, and can ensure food and food safety, food taste like the taste of fresh. Smart take food ark also can perfectly solve the government unit canteens, enterprise unit canteens, hospital cafeteria meal during peak hours queuing congestion, no not wait in line, get directly to the ready-made meals.
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