Smart restaurant, the trend of the future

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-29
Now the reform of the catering industry is more urgent, whether the impact of the big takeaway from the Internet platform, and now the customer more and more high to the requirement of traditional catering industry has a certain impact. So food industry reform in toward a smart restaurant, smart restaurant author to tell you about today, the trend of the future life. Smart restaurant is according to the people in the daily life of the existing design, through the delivery on the mobile end point, and in order and the reasonable and efficient operation efficiency of whole dining room to think about it. Smart restaurant use self service order machine, snarling screen, self service intelligent equipment to replace the waiter, speed up the operation of the whole dining room rate, reduce operating costs. In the APP, WeChat, Meituan do meal, could receive information on merchants. Then in the kitchen printer can directly to all the customer's order information, the chef can directly make dishes first, and then into the smart take meals cabinet for storage heat preservation. It can be convenient for the customer or take food take-away member in take food directly ark, reduce customer of waiting time. In order the customer can order through the self-service machine for self-help order, is no longer a need to customers waiting for the table's flavour to the waiter. After the completion of the order, can direct payment, and then order information will push message directly by receipts or APP. And, of course, after the kitchen printer will also receive directly to the customer's order information, at the same time on the station screen also displays food production schedule. The order of the message can be view on the merchant's platform, and make an information data collection, convenience stores know the intelligent operation of the restaurant of the whole situation. The smart restaurants has been to appear in our life, is a kind of life we all need. Can improve the efficiency of our meal, convenience stores to manage the restaurant's operation. Also give customers a better dining environment, different from the traditional food industry of the dining experience.
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