Smart sideboard, let eat no longer wait

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Think of a student, the most exciting time is to have a meal, every time after class like bandits ShanChong down under, then slowly line of rice. Out after work, every noon meal times, everywhere is crowded, also slowly payment queue, the time have no in this way, more hope can be order in advance, directly to the store began to eat now, smart cupboard to meet the needs of people. The development of the catering industry is slow, not because of a lack of food or bad taste, but over a period of time have dinner guests gather together time, let the merchants overwhelmed. With smart sideboard, customers can phone order ahead of time, the system automatically send text message to the user, the incoming data sideboard, customers with meal number ( Qr code) Take meal can in smart take food to the models achieve more intelligent take food, without staff meals for your turn. Restaurant receiving customer orders, ahead of time to take food compartment, so that customers can get their products as soon as I get to restaurant, eliminating the long queue and waiting time, customers can also increased the traffic of the restaurant, restaurant to create more profits. Smart take food tank solves the problems of user line up, eat, especially in the morning and afternoon peak dining, take food tank to reduce the losses caused by store is too small too much traffic, and can directly from take food take-away member to the store cupboard take products, without extra wait, it also improves the speed of the delivery service.
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