Specialty restaurants of smart sideboard

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
Smart take cupboard is Internet + smart hardware as the carrier of the hardware platform, through the software and hardware, the kitchen and dining-room front-end and online system and perfect fusion, customer need to advance on the merchants WeChat public number or cell phone APP booked order, after order, in the canteen can receive orders, catering, and the system will automatically send take food or qr code to the customer on the phone, the customer with the meal number ( Qr code) In the smart take meal ark take meal. Merchants to provide convenient take-out access services on time. To solve it immediately and without queuing can enjoy delicious casual dining. Also improve the whole service quality and efficiency of the restaurant. Smart take food tank broke the traditional meal pattern, the entire intelligent, self-support mode to make the customer experience good dining experience, but also liberated the restaurant waiter in the periods of peak dining service pressure, further improve the efficiency of the restaurant business! According to the development of The Times the pace of walk, catering businesses should adopt the smart restaurant mode, using intelligent sideboards equipment, high-tech equipment not only attract customers, it also can improve efficiency of repast, improve business dining environment.
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