What is the function of self-help cash register?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
In our daily life will see a lot of self-help cash register, sometimes self-service checkout will contact to the buffet in the supermarket cash register. The function of the self-service register what then? Today, the author and everyone together to learn about the buffet the function of the cash register. Self-service register major function is the cashier buffet, reduce artificial operation cost. That is to say, in the course of everyday use, self-help is the operation mode of the cash register, completely is not needed to operate. cash register in the case of no use, but also automatically broadcast advertising goods. So we often see in self-service register some merchandise to the push, push there is new product, hot products. As self-service register function more and more perfect, has now developed more and more functions. Face payment function of the widely used, for example, it's already on the self-service register can be achieved. Imagine, after after shopping, we came to the self-service register for invoicing. after sweeping code, brush directly face the completed payment, this kind of feeling really very comfortable. And now the voice of intelligence has been realized step by step, slowly will synchronize on self-help cash register, please look forward to new experiences of this feature. Self-service function was introduced to the cash register, as more and more popularity self service supermarket chain cash register, the authors believe that you will soon get to experience the convenience of the cash register the buffet. More self-service register function understanding, attention, please.
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