Cinema theaters to collect the tickets good helper information self-service ticket machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
With quickly raise the level of science and technology, people's working pressure is becoming more and more big, and for office workers, the use of leisure time walked into the cinema to watch movies is a good choice of the latest release. Cinema self-service ticket machine is as a high-tech product, also begins to be used in theaters, experienced people are feeling the cinema self-service ticket machine is brought about by the convenience and shortcut. A cinema self-service ticket machine, no longer do people have to be a long line at the ticket office waiting, online booking the tickets let customers save most of the time. Used self-service ticket machine is customers reflect the movie theater, cinema self-service ticket machine is very convenient to operate, collect the tickets for tickets only need less than just two or three minutes, no longer afraid of the ticket or as ever be late and delayed his appreciation of the movie. Cinema self-service ticket machine is changed the traditional mode of counter artificial take ticket, provides a quick and convenient channel, for the benefit of the fan, changed the image of cinema. Self-service ticket machine adopts large screen points of cinema screen design, improve utilization rate, the screen module distribution, reasonable layout, powerful. Cinema self-service ticket machine is not only have ticket and collect the tickets function, also has the function of advertising and video. At the same time, support unionpay, WeChat pay, pay treasure to acoustic payment etc, thoroughly solve the problem of cinema travel peak of standing in line to buy tickets. And cinema self-service ticket machine can save theater labor costs and operating costs, improve the grade of cinemas, theaters automation collect the tickets. Cinema self-service ticket machine is a kind of unattended self-service, changed the traditional mode of counter artificial take ticket, don't need to staff to participate in, the customer can collect the tickets to get related certificates. Cinema self-service ticket machine is the advantage of simple and quick operation, and collect the tickets is also convenient for tickets, have to say for raising the image of cinema place, and there is no this kind of machine product compared to the theater, most people are willing to choose the former, it enhances the cinema market competitiveness. Because, for each moviegoers can attract not only is the excellence of the film, they walked into the cinema lies in the cinema can offer them more comfortable degree of customer experience, and theaters the use of self-service ticket machine, just can make up for the most theaters service, fundamentally improving customer experience, thus improve the cinema turnover. How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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