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E-Government Kiosk
E-Government Kiosk

DMV Self-Service Kiosks is Self-service solutions for motor vehicle transactions and traffic violation handling

Hongzhou Smart develops self-service kiosks for several country's DMV branches with systems capable of processing a variety of essential tasks unique to its industry.

Kiosks Offer Convenience at 24-hour Bureau of Motor Vehicles Location,It is an innovative office model that grants customers access to motor vehicle services 24/7.  Outside of the normal services offered by other ITI DMV kiosks, these units also provide full document scanning, image capture for potential ID issuance, and more.  Read additional details about the BMV Connect Self-Service location here.

Benefits of motor vehicle self-service kiosks
Not only do they decrease wait times and improve employee satisfaction, but customers can access them at non-DMV sites for more convenient hours and locations.  

Main Function Module

21.5 Touch screen operation

Traffic violation information query

Barcode recognition

A4 document printing

80mm receipt rrinting

ID Card Reading

Bank Card Reader

Pin Pad


The kiosk can be custom made and designed according by the customers


The Users can query and print information such as vehicle traffic violation information/vehicle insurance, and pay fines, etc.It is widely used in Auto Trading Center,Traffic Police Station, bank,Insurance company. and so on

As a leading Self-Service Kiosk turnkey solution provider and manufacturer,HongzhouSmart can offer customer one stop ODM and OEM Smart kiosk hardware solution from kiosk design,kiosk cabinet fabrication,kiosk function module selection,kiosk assembly and kiosk testing in house.You can find some custom made kiosk design Demo Show:https://youtu.be/fBPZ9cem5V8

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