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Hotel introduces new equipment self-check-in machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
We usually go out to play or travel far away, we will inevitably go to the hotel or hotel accommodation, often catch up with the front desk, many people need to queue to check in, it is very troublesome, waste a lot of time, which makes a lot of waiting for the procedures People complained again and again, and now this situation has improved, because now many hotels have introduced a new type of equipment, this is the self check-in machine. Picture: A real shot of a hotel using a self-service check-in machine. Now that the hotel has applied this self-service check-in machine, we can check in without being crowded at the front desk. We use this device to complete the check-in procedure and check it on the device. Choose the room type of the room, pay the room payment, and get the room card; the operation process is also very simple, so that customers can quickly complete the operation through the screen guidance, even if it is the first time to use it, you can complete it by yourself. The hotel's use of this equipment has been well received by many people, and the self-check-in machine has been appreciated by the industry and customers.
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