How many brands are marketed by Hongzhou Smart Tech ?
On Hongzhou Smart Tech Co.,Ltd"Products" page, the brand is displayed in a clear manner. We have been marketing brands for many years. This is strong evidence of the difference between us and our competitors. We market our own brand(s) while providing customized services.

Hongzhou takes the lead to establish globally recognized self service kiosk in the nation. The smartpos series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. It is more durable in use than traditional incandescent and fluorescent. LED lighting is more efficient and lasts much longer. Featuring interactive SAW touch technology, the product is easy to operate. The optimization and integration of its value chain is the key factor to Hongzhou's strategic goal achievement. The media player can be added for valuable advertising and informational content.

In this competitive society, Hongzhou must keep becoming competitive. Please contact.
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