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How much money you need to launch unmanned shop

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
How much money you need to launch unmanned shop? This question has been asked in online, but no one can accurately answer, indeed the problem also is bad to generalize. Because no one shop scheme has difference, have a plenty of the overall package, have a plenty of providing critical system, also have to help solve the product distribution. So ask no one shop how much money, really bad to answer. But now that I write this, you see here, also have to let you have a basic concept. Below points back to the following three conditions: one, the 'Box' plan: Box solution is no store solutions provider, is the overall output no one shop, including 'shop' space hardware itself, usually by metal room or similar to the container body, many called so-and-so Box, this Box is no store suppliers consider including the construction of the Box, the inside of the Box hardware layout, including monitoring, that take the door, go out, settlement and system, etc. , in addition to all the goods itself, supply chamber of commerce to help you solve. This is equivalent to plan the overall output, buyers to purchase such a set is in commonly 10 - 300000. To tell the truth, for the demand side is a little high, average, after all, is a small business, earn so much money still need time, and this is just the hardware investment. Two solutions, supply chain no one shop: such schemes are generally provided by the merchants of the supply chain, he himself is to do the merchants of the supply chain, is designed for convenience stores or supermarkets do products distribution company, their integration or buy professional unmanned shop plan, along with the goods supply overall output, solve a part of consider no one shop, what resources but no customers, the suppliers to solve all of your everything, as long as you pay the person, can be opened. Then this business will no one shop as by-product of supply goods, general will say no one shop systems' send 'to you, or to charge lower prices, because their money is commodity itself rather than rely on no one shop system to make money. The wool is always out in sheep, of course, believe that every business knows that, on the 'send' is aware of. Also, this solution provider with no store this technology systems are often not too good, so what is the system problem, they'll need to find a turn their no one store suppliers to maintain, efficiency is lower. This to you, of course, according to own actual situation to consider, because they can really help you one-stop solved many problems. Three, the core system scheme of unmanned shop: the supplier only provide no one shop at the core of the product and system, the demand side need to have a shop, also is to have a physical space, either their own box, or have their own entity shop, according to the requirements of unmanned store suppliers to keep good electronic door, cables and power supply. For suppliers with this scheme is the most flexible, can satisfy the demand situation, whether you are the hotel scene scene, community shops, or college, office buildings, street shops, industrial park, or move the BOX scenario, as long as you provide physical space according to the requirement, suppliers will be able to help you solve, let you low cost to realize there is no store operations. This kind of system solutions for the demand side, the cost is the lowest, according to the different configuration of the general 3 - 60000 can achieve a sound magnetic degaussing unmanned store operations. Of course no one store technology content is different, the technology and the hardware configuration vary. Above only for reference, also have no shop supplies the businessman in detail.
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