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How to help the canteen to start?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-03
Reform of the traditional dining room is imperative, because all sorts of information age takeout service has caused a certain impact to the traditional canteen. And now the customer is already in use huge amounts of information, the influence of some according to the score in the various Meituan APP. Due to change of the customer dining habits and patterns of traditional dining room also must carry on the reform, so the author will take you to see today is how to help traditional dining room to start? As service providers have been contact with food and beverage industry products, have been following the market changes, help businesses of reforming the traditional dining scene. So in the traditional dining room is also have certain plan, specially developed a lot of smart power canteen building products. Traditional dining room is generally in the checkout link is slow, lead to many customers in the queue is big head. And some traditional dining room haven't provide delivery services, instant have also do not perfect. In view of the above situation, provide the following solutions: 1, the use of visual and settlement stage first is the use of visual and settlement, instead of human settlement, solve many problems of human settlement slow, error-prone. By using visual and settlement of AI intelligent recognition technology, the completion of rapid identification of dishes and invoicing. Visual and settlement of machine now is already very high identification accuracy, can reach more than 99% of the time, can completely solve the problem of inaccurate businessmen fear recognition. And visual settlement platform also use payment function of the human face, can facilitate customer checkout quickly. 2, the use of smart take cupboard for outside, can pass into other delivery platform for the majority of customers with delivery service, add more turnover. Adding intelligence in outside the function of the cupboard, can provide a place for some takeout personnel position, convenient as soon as they can get store can through the message come undone. The function of the smart take food tank is easy to cook meals in advance, placed in the smart for thermal insulation in the cupboard. Whether it's customers to be able to invite to shop, or cook can better arrange time is good. The use of smart take food ark can convenient chef management, at the same time also can improve the customer's dining experience, less queuing time. This solution can help traditional dining room to solve the shortage of service force, also can reduce operating costs. At the same time the use of intelligent products can ensure more convenient way of eating, also brings customers a different dining experience.
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