Multifunction theater self-service terminals

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-24
1, the platform is diversiform, widespread applicability: cinema self-help and sold the ticket machine is a series product, USES the many kinds of style of hardware platform, including vertical, desktop, wall-mountable, etc. All-in-one internal functional unit adopts modular design, flexible matching can be used according to actual demand, such as: payment method, the type of ticket, display, print mode, etc. , fully meet the demand of various users. 2, fashionable appearance, high-end atmosphere: cinema self-help and sold the ticket machine adopts the most advanced industrial design method, has the appearance of fashion, the characteristics of the high-end atmosphere, which can effectively improve the image of the theater and service quality. 3, strong and durable, stable and reliable: cinema self service and sold the ticket machine in the pursuit of the highest consumption than at the same time, select high-quality materials, in the heat dissipation, electromagnetic compatibility, stable performance. Performance, etc, has stood the test of long-term use, has the characteristics of strong and durable, stable and reliable. 4, easy to use, easy to operate: cinema self-help and sold the ticket machine orderly distribution of each function module, the consumer be clear at a glance, can be in a very short period of time to master. 5, support a variety of payment models, business application ability: can support cash, unionpay, charging CARDS, mobile phone, WeChat, pay treasure, such as a variety of payment mode, basic covers all major today payment mode, business application ability strong. 6, intelligent self-checking, remote operations monitoring: all-in-one has self-checking function, to the state of the internal device has the function of monitoring management, video monitoring equipment circumstance ability at the same time, provides the cinema equipment remote operations. Above is for self-service terminal characteristics of movie theater, so convenient self-service terminals for theater boss also is very good, because can let people buy tickets more convenient to buy the ticket, to increase our user also to have certain role.
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