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Restaurant use 'self-help order machine' four big value

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
Nowadays, a lot of food and beverage people conform to the trend of The Times, the use of self-service order machine, order through self-service terminals, data transmission to the kitchen. Achieve rapid order, payment, catering, room process. Let customers efficient self-service order, improving customer ordering experience. For consumers, it can greatly improve the efficiency of the meal, take orders, payment and save consumers save consumption time, improve service experience. So for catering businesses, what self-help order value? 1, change order process, increase the rate of restaurant turn table in the fast food industry, repast peak, order dishes may only need 3 minutes, but queuing delay 10 minutes. The low efficiency not only affects customer dining experience, more serious may cause loss of traffic. Using self-service order machine order, their consumers in order - order machine - Mobile phone pay treasure payment/qr code. The whole process of change before the waiter for the customer order, red tape of cashier, saves the customer long queues waiting time, and thus improve the restaurant turn over rate. 2, save labor costs compared to traditional catering waiter, when self-help order machine instead of previous paper menu, the restaurant saves the waiter's labor costs, and self-help order machine point meal system, can change the menu in the background, and save printing costs. 3, choice of customers customized products, customer satisfaction every customer's taste is different, the customer can flexible collocation when ordering machine order products, the elements of choice ingredients (they want Such as not hot, spicy or hot) , after hutch receives the order data, can be made according to the guest customization options.
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