Self-service ordering system for the boss to manage more easily

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
As the rent costs, labor costs continue to rise, make catering investors suffered in the catering industry, especially in first-tier cities closure of stores have more than 10 m a year, is to be a restaurant boss need to how much under pressure. However, self-help order system, let dining-room boss tasted the sweets and relieve the pressure. KFC, yonghe king famous food and beverage brands, such as using self-service ordering system, reduce the human cost of spending, but also more convenient customer order! Using self-service ordering system, dining-room can put the order, the checkout link to customers, customer order can use the self-service machine order, so, this restaurant has saved the attendant spending, and make the waiter spare more time to provide customers with better service. You may have a doubt, self-help order system can really play a role as big? order process of a link is a smart restaurant. At the same time have a cashier system, kitchen order system, reporting system, membership system, storage system, complete set of management software. Promotive to reduce labor cost, enhancing, restaurants eat a meal the goal of efficiency, increase the rate of turn table, so as to realize 'restaurant to save money to make money, simple convenient customer' win-win. In a word, with the development of science and technology, intelligent catering to many restaurant boss has many benefits. Order by using the software of efficient, convenient, and improve their management skills and greater profit space. Such as data analysis, we can help the owner grasps the in-store sales of all kinds of sheet is tasted, timely adjustment of food and drinks, all kinds of ingredients of stock up period, in a nutshell, self service order system to make the restaurant service more fine and more accurate.
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