Self-service register | lead new retail settlement

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Along with the rapid development of online shopping, a lot of offline entity retail industry began to reform. So the began to appear no convenience store some of the new new retail model, of course more or the introduction of some new technology products to improve. So also makes a lot of technology products appear in our life, such as self-service register, shelf display a series of new technology products. Today, the authors introduce self-help cash register for you. Self-service register has been started in our life widely used in many supermarket chain has a lot of use self-service register. Self-service register mainly realize self-help cashier function, give customers a better service, reduce the cost of manual operation. Because self-service register can undertake self-checkout, without the need for manual to operate. And self service cash register cost is very low, so are generally the use of the mass. Coupled with the efficiency of the self-service register is very fast, can reduce the customer's time waiting in line. In addition, self-help cash register can also help businesses advertising push. cash register in the case of no use, can be looping posters in the promotion of goods. Indirectly to the businessman offers a chance for promotion, for customers to for accurate positioning. At present, the function of the self-help can also support face to pay the cash register. Our after shopping can brush face pay directly, very convenient. Self-service register, changed the traditional retail industry and settlement patterns. Is no longer rely on artificial to complete before settlement, cost is very high. The emergence of self-service register starts to change the traditional retail industry, help businesses to reform the old model. Led the settlement of the new retail, using the technology to create a new settlement patterns, more intelligent, convenient and quick.
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