Self-service ticket vending machines facilitate travel

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-21
Whenever a statutory holiday comes, the best choice for a small holiday is to travel and relax your body and mind. When we choose to go to other places, we have to travel by train or plane, but the long line in front of the ticket window makes us shudder. Queuing to buy tickets is hard work, but it is different with the self-service ticket machine. Picture: Self-service ticket vending machine Why does it say that there is a self-service ticket vending machine in the railway station and airport? Now many railway station and airport ticket offices and subways have installed ticket vending machines to facilitate ticket buyers to quickly purchase the tickets they need. Self-service ticketing and manual ticketing divide all ticket purchases, reduce the pressure of manual ticket sales, and reduce queue time. Self-service ticket vending machines are more convenient to check remaining ticket quantity and other related information, and real-time on-site payment completes the ticket purchase transaction. The device supports cash transactions and UnionPay card payment. You can complete the transaction within one minute and get the ticket you need. The self-service ticket vending machine not only reduces the precious time we spend queuing to buy tickets, but also the operation is simple and convenient. Follow the instructions on the screen to operate, even the first-time user can complete the operation alone. It facilitates our travel.
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