Self-service ticket vending machines improve the phenomenon of fake tickets in scenic spots

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-22
The tourism industry is developing very rapidly now. However, this phenomenon has occurred in many scenic spots. There are too many tourists to sell tickets. There are many scalpers at the entrance of the scenic spot. Many customers try to save time and effort without queuing to buy tickets. I bought the tickets for the scenic spot in the hands of the scalpers, but many of them are fake tickets. However, a large number of tourists wait for the ticket to enter the door. The staff does not have much time to check the tickets. With the increase in fraud, it is difficult for human eyes to distinguish between genuine and fake Tickets have caused a lot of losses to the scenic area for a long time. In order to improve this situation, the scenic area has adopted a self-service ticket vending machine. Picture: After the self-service ticket vending machine uses this equipment in the scenic area, the scenic area can install a ticket gate, implement the machine ticket inspection method, and refuse to mix fake tickets into the scenic area. For tourists, there is no longer a long queue to buy tickets for scenic spots. Tourists can buy tickets directly at this self-service ticket machine. It is very simple and time-saving, and there is no need to go to the scalper to buy tickets. The emergence of self-service ticket vending machines not only reduces the pressure on ticket sales in scenic spots, but also improves the phenomenon of fake tickets in scenic spots and prevents tourists from spending money on fake tickets.
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