Smart take cupboard solve the lunch line 90%

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-28
For office workers or students, repast is more troublesome thing, went to a restaurant or dining room to eat a meal to spend hours in line to order. 。 。 。 。 。 However, with high-tech appear constantly, many industries are intelligent development trend, the food industry is no exception, gradually appeared mode - no one restaurant - Intelligent sideboards equipment, intelligent cupboard and carry through qr code scanner, integration of 2 d identification, acquisition, data transmission performance of the economy 'sweep code to pay and the function of' sweep yards off, solve the queuing repast, consumers must be only a few minutes can take to warm fast food. In our company, for example, intelligent cupboard introduced the concept of '+' on the Internet, mobile Internet, Internet of things and the intelligent technology, such as hardware for white-collar workers and office workers provide mobile phone order and one-stop self-service yards off. Concrete application principle is as follows: intelligent front-end hardware and software, after hutch sideboards and dining-room a perfect fusion of online system and customers through the mobile phone number in merchants WeChat public order ahead of time to get to the reservation qr code, receiving customer orders, restaurant chef will prepare food to take meals cabinet products into the corresponding grid, then the customer after receiving the alert, and there he put the phone order a meal qr code smart take on the sideboard scanning Windows, scanning validation automatically by the cupboard after open the door, it is to take out a warm lunch, the whole process is very quick, there is no need to wait in line. The whole process and whole human-computer interaction, intelligent sideboards equipment instead of artificial, committed to make traditional fast food restaurants to realize intelligent and kind. Now intelligent sideboards gradually mature, more and more people enjoy the convenience it offers, in terms of restaurant, service personnel only need to responsible for the order and catering to eliminate all other process. In terms of delivery, the original room member need again and again make a phone call to confirm the customer information and address, now only the user meal unified under the unit downstairs or dorm take food on ark, save time and effort and can solve the trouble of dining need to line up!
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