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Telecom SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk
Telecom SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk

Hongzhou Smart provides multi-type customized Instant Card Printing and Issuing Solution.Our self-service machines can print and issue many types of cards. This includes debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, subsidiary cards, and cards renewal.

Transform to smart, digital telecom stores to offer the best customer experience 24/7 

While customers expect a seamless experience at every touchpoint, telecom operators compete to differentiate their services to make customers happy, minimize costs, and increase revenue.

This is where Hongzhou Smart's digital branch transformation solutions- including advanced queue management systems and self-service machines – come to provide a convenient customer experience, optimize your resource utilization, and increase your profits.

Self Service Machines 24/7

You can transform to automated telecom stores to serve your customers beyond your working hours by installing Hongzhou Smart self-service machines:

Reduce cost (by reducing staff and real estate renting requirements).

Increase sales by 30%.

Enhance customer satisfaction. 

Highly increase in store effectiveness.

It's a new curved screen Kiosk with customized curved touch screen,the curved touch screen size can be 19inch to 55inch according to customer's requirement.Curved Screen Kiosk is widely used in kosks solution include E-Government Kiosk,Self-Ordering Kiosks,Hospital Kiosk,Hotel check-in kiosk,Bill payment kiosk,Ticketing kiosk,Information kiosk,Digital Signage,Bitcoin Kiosk,Gaming Kiosks,other Interactive kiosk etc.

As a leading Self-Service Kiosk turnkey solution provider and manufacturer,Hongzhou Smart provide a proven kiosk turnkey solution portfolio in the full range of self-service vertical. From mainstream applications for Restaurant,Hospital,Theater,Hotel,Retail,Parking,Government and Financial,HR,Airport,Communication Services to “off the charts” custom platforms in emerging markets such as Cryptocurrency/Currency Exchange,New Retails Vending,Mobile phone charging station,Bike Sharing etc. Hongzhou Smart is highly experienced and have a success in virtually every self-service market.Hongzhou Smart customized kiosk experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation. 

Achieve digital branch transformation through self-service solutions today. Get in touch with us for more details.

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