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Telecom SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk
Telecom SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk

Hongzhou Smart fully integrated self service platform, complete with modular hardware, sophisticated middleware and a telemetry platform, promises market-leading flexibility and customization to self service projects for telecoms worldwide.

We have different Telecom SIM Dispensing Kiosk design to meet different customer's requirement.

Immersive Touch Screen Display

The full HD display with incredible details and vivid colors .

Facial Recognition and Liveness detection

Uses stereo camera based liveness detection and facial matching.

Smart Cash Acceptor

Accepts all major currencies with dual locks.

Rapid Biometric Verification

Multi-modal biometric support.

Document Scanning

ID document scanning and authentication with flexible ICR & NFC support reducing user interaction time significantly.

Multiple SIM Card Dispensers

Multiple, extended capacity SIM card dispensers.

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