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The current mainstream - order way - Self-service order machine

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
In today's age of the Internet, mobile phones have become essential to life. Businesses use self service order machine to make the customer self-service order, mobile payment code, compared with traditional receptionist ordering mode, compared to self-service order machine has the following advantages. 1, self-help order machine order faster, customer order on their own in order machine screen, payment, efficient and convenient way of ordering, improve customer dining experience. 2, self service order machine can expand the restaurant well-knownness, ordering screens when no one touch advertisements, promote their dishes. 3, self service order machine can make the customer be clear at a glance, enhance the customer's autonomy, also province the waiter to take your breath, you simply introduced. Customer order in self-service machine after the meal. Order system, through the data transmission to the kitchen, when the food is ready, the customer just waiting for the server room. Order to sum up, self-service machine with the traditional order incomparable speed, convenience. Better development of the future management of the restaurant. Believe that this will become the mainstream of the Internet age instead order way.
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