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The necessary equipment for ticket sales of scenic spots

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-20
Those of us who often go out to visit know that the scenery in many scenic spots is like a fairyland on earth, but the most unpleasant thing for me is that there are too many people, and there are so many people. When it comes to this, everyone can think of the ticket office at the door. Scenario, the long ticket-buying team drained far away, buying tickets wasted a lot of our playing time, and made the ticket sales staff at the scenic spot even more exhausted, but now this situation has been alleviated, and this is all the credit of the self-service ticket vending machine . Picture: Self-service ticket vending machine Now the ticket office of the scenic spot has set up a self-service ticketing area. Tourists can buy tickets directly from the self-service ticket vending machine, and can also view the introduction of the scenic spot and the map of the scenic spot. Getting tickets to play has alleviated the work pressure of the staff. The application of self-service ticket vending machines in scenic spots has brought many benefits to scenic spots and tourists. Now this device has become a necessary equipment for ticket sales in scenic spots.
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