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The return of taishan 'theater box office for a new height self-help terminal system

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
On July 19, real 3 d action adventure extravaganza 'taishan return: risk wars jungle theaters, with 28. 6% of piece rate and more than four thousand airborne mainland box office list box office champion, will be one of the domestic hot piece of trailing behind. It is worth mentioning that movie came out on the second day of July 20, in a nationwide under the bad weather of heavy rain, the jungle of taishan return: risk wars still won the champion, won more than three thousand five hundred box office film and second in the list with a significant gap. Film get extensive discussion on social network and a large number of high praise, also become a highlight of the summer. On July 21, 'taishan return: risk war jungle' mainland box office breakthrough, the return of taishan 'screen box office after 3 days, although coincided with working days the 'low season' sessions, as well as the national heavy rain weather, still in shadow, has a good box office. Upset the classic film, not only in Gabon view field, also in the studio in London to create lush forests of Africa, grand magnificent scene collocation is very intense and tension action scenes, let the movie show rich and level of the texture. Jungle of the return of Tarzan: risk wars and attract the audience's plot, shocked fans visual effects, touched people's feelings, as a film at the same time satisfy the audience visual and spirit to enjoy, will become the summer box office and word of mouth and good. For a long time, Tarzan's name widely known and popular, but mostly appears in the cartoon form of word of mouth in front of the public, the warner bros investment from the return of mount tai is a complete independent story about star tai shan, story lines for the legendary incarnations of mount tai, clutch and, there might be to ape mount taishan is the identity of the Congo in Africa with wild beasts in the jungle growth course do a concise narrative, the expansion of the capitalist desire and ambition, money breeds endless greed of human nature of evil, the unforeseen Dead Sea, the jungle holy warm sunshine, irascible chimpanzee eyes reveal a quiet friendly light, taishan give few words in the form of confessions his extraordinary life before, a pair of blue eyes overflow is a peculiar dull and aged animals. Taishan despite its reputation as the 'king of the jungle', but not strong, and he also needs the help of friends, also need the power of the joint can be combined in the same boat, solidarity to winning, rescue companion, succeed. Is no longer a person can save the world, the meaning is more of a symbol of the hero, tai shan mess, often an impasse in the despair and helpless injured reflects the development direction in the field of ideology of Hollywood movies have some subtle transformation and breakthrough, return to group cooperation, not exaggerated rendering of individual efficiency and power. In the end, mount tai is two thousand brought in Belgium mercenaries to fight 'on the rampage and butch group of the bison herds, vast scene shocked the heavily guarded heavily armed mercenaries, both also rocked the outside screen with Taoist temple film audience, beast across terminals such as crushing to break through enemy lines successfully rescued enslaved the indigenous compatriots, also witnessed the hero cheer with beauty romantic embrace. On the above introduction, isn't eager to want to watch? Don't worry, use the theater a self-service terminal system to collect the tickets purchased will be better able to save all queuing time, ascending experience! Cinema self-help terminal system main functions: low ticket function: booking, ticket and collect the tickets low membership function: registration, top-up, account inquiry low film preview, gift sell or distribute a senior advertising their low background management software: equipment management, ticket sales monitoring, timely report analysis the taishan return: risk wars jungle showed the Congo's lush jungle lush, primitive and mysterious, vast and clinking! 'There are those who praise' fairy tale 'the jungle book' the magnificent, magnificent, amazing, and the goodness of people and animals harmony sincerity moved; Have and classic movie 'blood diamond' to describe it: the colonial history in Africa's greedy, brutal, bloody, violence, conflict and death. Want to go deeper into the moral of the film? That still etc. What, hurriedly to buy tickets to watch! How much money on a self-service terminal machines?
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