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There is no restaurant for the benefits of the merchants in where?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
The occurrence of unmanned restaurant for food and beverage industry is undoubtedly a bombshell, especially the influence of the merchants is larger. Now no one restaurant in first-tier cities have fall to the ground, so today the author take everyone to look at what's good about the emergence of unmanned restaurant for stores? For merchants, no one restaurant is a shock to the traditional food industry. First is to provide a new businesses catering model, and it is more scientific and technological product of new experiences. No one restaurant companies to know there is a kind of new food patterns, can be lower than the cost of the traditional pattern of food and beverage choices. No one restaurant from the restaurant's settlement in terms of speed, or from the point of view of the user experience is better. The restaurant USES a self service order machine, can help customers quickly complete order and settlement services, reduce the operation cost of artificial. Increased the intelligent entrance guard and facial recognition screen, guarantee normal dining restaurant. At the same time using a station to station display and smart take cupboard of the convenience of our customers take meal, ensure the real 'zero contact'. No one restaurant this operation mode for the businessman brings a kind of low cost, quick efficiency mode of catering, is no longer limited to the cost issues lead to food industry stagnated. Businesses can no one from the restaurant on this model are more likely to get a return on investment, although no one restaurant still has some shortcomings, but at the moment can guarantee the normal service.
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