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Visual settlement platform is how to use in the restaurant?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-25
Visual settlement platform from a value by the catering industry, and has been used in a lot of restaurants have. We may be have no detailed come into contact with a lot of friends, so today we will learn about the visual settlement platform is how to use in the restaurant? In our understanding of visual balance table in the restaurant is how to use before, we must understand the visual settlement is in order to facilitate we can carry out immediate settlement in the daily order function. Visual settlement is carrying the AI intelligent recognition system, can quickly identify grab images, to complete the function of quick checkout. Visual balance table in the restaurant in the use process is mainly divided into the following: 1, the first is to sell food for inputting system, mainly into the dishes pictures and prices. After the entry into the system, can guarantee visual settlement platform to better identify food and invoicing. If you have any need to change in the process of to sell the price of food, can be directly from the system changes; 2, customer nearly into the restaurant, buffet the tray. Choose the corresponding items, into the tray; 3, customer put the tray in the vision of settlement and settlement area, visual and settlement can be dynamically through camera capture, through the intelligent recognition system of AI system comparison and calculation fast food prices combined; 4, calculation is completed, the visual will prompt the customer for payment settlement. Customers can pay sweep through code, or face payment and make payment for RFID identification. These process is visual settlement of a table in the restaurant use process, this process is greatly accelerated the existing rate of food industry in Taiwan, also has a meal for the majority of the customers to promote dining experience.
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