What function can diy camera?

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-05
Diy camera is one of the early emergence of a camera, don't know whether we still remember the previous photo camera, it is diy camera the first version, but relatively speaking, photo camera function is single, can only take photos, no other function, so, now, what are the self-help camera functions? The following information to explain to you! 1, support high instrument scanning copy 2, support the second generation certificate scanning type 3, headquarters unified background management functions 4, the background to monitor equipment usage, can automatically switch machine 5, back-up power support, when the power is to be able to continue normal operation 6, support the qr code, cash payment 7 8, support for all kinds of documents such as commonly used photographs, photo print 9 support, support A4 laser print 10, 11 for real-time monitoring of equipment, according to the specific circumstances can support function extension both are compared, have feeling of self-help camera on a lot of tall now? To print, and id photo, support a variety of payment, the focus is on power still can normal operation. Can also according to the actual demand for function extension. Information on research and development production of various kinds of self-service terminal system, custom kiosks, please call: on a self-service terminal machines how many money?
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