What is 'smart take meal ark'?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
In the intelligent technology rapid development today, catering industry is constantly upgrading, the traditional catering mode replaced by intelligent restaurant. Among them, the intelligent take food tank is one of the smart devices in smart restaurants. Ark is a smart take eat with Internet + smart hardware as the carrier of the hardware platform, intelligent cupboard with restaurant front-end hardware and software, after hutch and online system and perfect fusion, through intelligent applications of ark of meal in a restaurant, more convenient, efficient, improve restaurant work efficiency! In the restaurant operation that it has the following functions: 1, order from a distance, smart take food customers after the phone booking order, the system automatically send text message to the user, the incoming data sideboard, customers with meal number ( Qr code) Take meal can in smart take food to the models achieve more intelligent take food, without staff meals for your turn. 1, change the traditional pattern of take-out delivery due to the intelligent cupboard with take food functional properties, therefore also provide convenient take-out access services on time. Take-away member, phone call meal person no one take meal on take-away unified, the system automatically send text messages to users prompt, timely remind order user self service meal, also improve the efficiency of the distribution, call meal person can arrange take dinner time, merchants can improve the delivery quantity. 2, making heat preservation intelligent cupboard with heat insulation/preservation function, in a safe temperature range to ensure the food the same quality can not only guarantee the temperature of the food, and can keep its taste; Have safe disinfection sterilization, overdue alarm, ensure the edible taste and food safety. 3, placed range intelligent cupboard can place restaurant, communities, hospitals, schools, colleges, hospitals, communities and other places, through wireless WIFI or 3 g / 4 g phone card connection dining room background system, so people don't have to line up directly take food for dinner. By above intelligence take the function of the sideboard, intelligent cupboard replace the waiter to some extent, the cashier, greatly reducing the restaurant the amount of manpower and improve work efficiency; For the customer, less tedious order process, can even take a meal time according to their own time to adjust.
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