AI visual integration scale, a new way of settlement

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-31
AI visual integration scale began to market recently, appeared in a lot of supermarket fresh settlement area. The new settlement way was to make the customer. AI visual balance is set to identify fresh and weighing for the integration of intelligent product, without the need for manual to run. Today, the author want to introduce to you the AI visual integration scale. AI visual scale is integrated science and technology to launch a new product, is after the RFID settlement platform and the new product. Mainly rely on AI visual identification technology, which can identify complete for all kinds of fresh like fruit recognition. Scales besides AI AI visual recognition, and the function of automatic weighing. So when the customer put the fruit into the AI visual scales can finish the whole recognition of fruit, fruit weight and the calculation of the total value of the function. And AI visual scale integrated recognition speed is very fast, almost customers can immediately recognize it is concluded that the price in the fruit, and then scan code payment directly. At present, the AI visual scale appeared at the supermarket, fresh store and other kinds of need to visual scene using complete settlement. AI visual settlement scale is not only very fast on the settlement efficiency, but also can put the customer's purchase of the product and the amount of money to save, convenience stores to management. Like traditional businesses no longer need to go to the sales data statistics, use the AI visual settlement scale only need to export data is ok. Visual AI the emergence of a body scale, led to a new way of settlement. Use AI visual recognition technology to build the new settlement way, replace the low efficiency of human settlement. The author believes that the new settlement way will slowly lead fresh settlement trend of the market, after all, good technology application will always get consumers like it.
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