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Bank self-service terminal equipment operating points

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-30
Self-service banking generally includes automatic checking terminal, automatic teller machines, automatic deposit machine and self service pay Banks such as self-service terminal equipment. What is the distinguishing feature of self-service bank? Provide bank card withdrawals, deposits, account query, query historical transaction, bankbook trading records meeting, transfer, credit card payments, change passwords, kiosks, IC card prepaid phone buffet, etc. Banks and the key points of self-service terminal equipment operation is? 1. Access self-service banking area sometimes involved in automatic door machine ( A debit card or credit card) Without a password. 2. Please read carefully the instructions before using self-service equipment, different devices may have different requirements. 3. Self-service devices of deposits, withdrawals, transfers and other transactions before, please study trading limit on the amount of money ( The amount of each transaction limit, the total amount, etc. ) 。 4. If you don't determine the password of bank card or bank account, please select on the counter. To prevent someone use your credit card fraud, the bank will set the password on self-service equipment input the wrong number. If wrong password more than the specified number, your card or account will be temporarily locked, and you unlock requirements to produce valid identity documents. 5. In the use of self-service equipment for making a deal, please be sure to timely collect cash from the machine and to remove the card. To prevent customer forget to collect cash and bank CARDS, the bank will set a time limit of self-service equipment, within the prescribed time failed to take the cash and bank CARDS, the device will automatically 'swallow' them, you need to contact the bank to solve. When using the self-service bank and self-service terminal equipment how to protect myself? 1. Avoid using self-service banking services too late as far as possible, avoid using hidden self-service banking services. 2. Enter the self-service bank, please pay attention to see if someone pay attention to you.
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