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Benefits: what kind of self-help order function, and bring about benefits?

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-27
Technology has changed the life, also changed the way people dining, wisdom gradually from a restaurant concept be born into the real inside dining-room, an indispensable part of. One of the benefits, the use of self-service order machine, people will buy more. We found that the customers stay longer, the more they choose. Second benefit to increase interaction, using smart order equipment and software, customers can diy sweep code order, after hutch synchronous print orders, without order, catalogue, leaflet, can help reduce 1 - restaurant 2 manpower, personnel streamlining also greatly save the time cost of the training and management, energy save resources, every year of 'labor shortage' will also be effective in relieving, avoid the hassle of recruitment level. At the same time, because of the shortened the waiting time before and after a meal, also conforms to the modern fast-paced way of life, young consumers prefer. Young people are the best audience self service order machine. Students and young office workers choose self-help order machine frequency is much higher than other groups, they are very skilled operation, the time duration of the self-service machine before they order is not longer than the counter, order, payment, lined up to get the same meal. Some users to self-service order very loyal, investigate its reason is that many users relative to communicate with people prefer to communicate with the machine, in the process of human-computer interaction, consumers have a lower mood swings. In order to the waiter, some customers will struggle with the attendant attitude, perhaps because of the tone and add in the process of communication, and interact with machines do not have this problem, the operation of the machine always perform user submit only.
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