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Build the new catering model, visual and settlement to the output

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-04
Age in progress, all walks of life are all in the reform and innovation, even the food industry. Have an advantage in the construction of a modern core of new catering model, a self-help order machine, such as visual and settlement stage to the output. Today, the author give you talk about how visual settlement stage in the new restaurant mode contribute an own strength? 1, innovation, speed up the settlement now visual settlement platform are no longer before the RFID intelligence settlement platform type, using the new AI intelligent recognition technology. This visual settlement using camera to capture image information, by rapid processing of high core processor can accurately identify the dishes. And visual settlement is by capturing food information, is not entirely RFID intelligence before settlement method. Reduces the operation steps for businesses is less a lot of unnecessary trouble in the process of operation. 2, digital management, bring business benefits along with the development of the network information now, we to pay more and more attention to data, data analysis and the development of many businesses pay attention to the link. So settlement on the vision, is also the continuation of the mind. Visual settlement platform will clearly record items and amount for each customer in the checkout details data, convenience stores can do data statistics at the end of the month when reduced pain. And the transformation of businesses can at any time according to the background data of food to change inventory, food prices and so on. It's a visual settlement units in the existing new catering mode contribution of our own strength, using new technology, has changed the food industry, the difficulty of settlement. Using digital service brought convenience to more business, more group meal in places, such as school canteen, canteen, small bowl of food, and so on dining scene seen is visual and settlement.
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