Cinema self-service ticket machine system crash, trouble is it!

by:Hongzhou      2021-02-06
Film 'warcraft' adapted from the video game world of warcraft, since filming topic unceasingly, after released worldwide popularity. Especially sought after in the Chinese market, up to 11 on its just more than a week. 5. 8 billion. Legions of fans behind so popular at the box office, it is going to the cinema for the good, of course also hosted a steady cinema ticketing system which has the function of the ticket. When it comes to this, you may wonder, what's the relationship between the box office and the cinema ticketing system? The author tells you that relationship is too big. Imagine, so looking forward to super large, how many people will want to rob fresh movie in the first time, short isn't a huge amount of pressure ticket for cinema ticketing system to the stability of the test? Not, shortly before the Shanghai international film festival of make out an invoice, as a result, the ticketing system directly. At that time, circle of friends were poking fun at the ticketing system. Want to high box office, in addition to the film itself, experience is not ignored. For cinema owners, how to guarantee and improve the stability of the ticketing system is must be carefully considered. Of course, the first priority is to choose the ticketing system is stable and reliable. This will have to mention information, a focus on self-help terminal solution supplier. According to the reporter investigation, its customer base all over the country, for including wanda, poly, earth to provide terminal intelligent ticketing system, Chinese cinema. Cinema ticketing system in addition to providing basic sales, collect the tickets, and other functions, can also be docking with the theater background management system, to achieve powerful ticket management, ticket management, and other functions. Even in the peak period of ticket and collect the tickets, stable and reliable system still not down. Reporters visited the customer understands, cinema ticketing system easy to use, humanized operation, and good compatibility, feature-rich complete, the industry consensus. Stable and easy to use ticket system is the guarantee for smooth, it is known that cinema ticketing system in the process of cooperation partners for many years practical, harvest countless praise, excellent brand reputation, prove its kiosks solutions and professional focus, with forward thinking ahead in industry development and leading technology. Now, go to the cinema has become people to enjoy the leisure time popular options, a link of the inevitable is the ticket. As part of the experience, the ticket link satisfaction or not seriously affect the consumer experience, thus affect the cinema consumer word of mouth. For cinema owners choose cinema ticketing system, will no doubt be in cinema ticket link for higher customer satisfaction, so as to enhance the overall experience, laying a good foundation for higher sales performance. 2015 Chinese film to achieve the fastest five-year period of growth, and beyond the $40 billion mark. Cinema market prosperity is welcome, but how to cope with a rapidly growing market environment, no longer appear similar to Shanghai film festival events, cinema ticketing system is particularly important, worthy of all cinema owners thought. The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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