Collect the tickets for tickets so easy self-service ticket machine is very popular

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-23
When do you want to go to see a movie, you are online first choice streak seat, or to the cinema? The author always choose the former, I believe that now most people like the author. According to concerning sectional statistic analysis, the citizens to buy the ticket of consumption habits are changing - — From tickets to the booking office of the cinema after online self-service ticket machine on the ticket. At present, from the point of each big mainstream cinema, through self-service ticket machine than more than 70% of the ticket number. The cinema self-service ticket machine not only can realize the function of collect the tickets, tickets still can make people more convenient and quick. Purchase tickets for theaters, such patterns bring new profit point for cinemas, and offer more humanized self-service to fans, improve theaters operating efficiency, save the human cost, achieve the multi-channel cinema to sell the tickets and information technology. From the author's observation, the current domestic wanda cinema, poly international cinema city, the land of the digital cinema, the cinema, mostly introduce the research and development of the self-service ticketing system, shenzhen information which not only the self-service ticket machine, include the matching software system. From the perspective of a theater relevant personnel feedback, self-service ticket machine overall reaction was good. In addition to the regular ticket, collect the tickets, self-service machines also have complete set advertising function, the number of different advertising, such as time, alternating frequency, change the node can be set freely. Self-service machines make advertising farewell single rigid, but also save a lot of manpower, to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Self-service machines follow the humanized design, in addition to the proportion to the size, scope, and conducive to cinema put outside factors such as, the overall shape, colour collocation also is to conform to the aesthetic standard, the principle of audience psychological characteristics such as conditions for design. Self-service ticket machine can not only increase a beautiful beautiful scenery line for cinema, and set a good brand image for cinema, improve the core competitiveness of the cinema. It is known that information as a well-known Chinese kiosks solution provider, focus on kiosks one-stop solution. With forward thinking and leading technology always walk in the industry development frontier, for different countries or regions in the world provide customers tailored cinema self-service machine system solutions. It has an independent technology research and development centers, ongoing technological innovation and product upgrading, according to the different needs of customers in the industry, provide customized self service terminal system solution, there are a number of research and development innovation achievements obtained national patent. Under the background of Internet + concept is popular, the information is intended to provide a wide range of self-support sell the ticket machine, complete product and solution, such as power to intelligent theaters, the cinemas become worthy of the name of the first brand of Chinese self-service ticket machine. The previous hotel kiosks, rounding
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