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Currency Exchange Kiosk
Currency Exchange Kiosk

Find A Currency Exchange Solution? Welcomed to Hongzhou Smart.As a leading Self-Service Kiosk turnkey solution provider and manufacturer,we are experienced on Muti-Foreign Currency Exchange machine,our Money Exchange kiosk solution have been accepted by customers from Japan,Australia,Singapore  already.Here you can find Hongzhou Muti-foreign Currency Exchange kiosk Solution Demo show :https://youtu.be/5hSWVlf2MRw . 

What is a currency exchange kiosk? 

Also named as money exchange kiosk,it is an automated and unmanned self-service kiosk that enables the customers of money exchange houses and banks to exchange currency on their own.it's unmanned money exchange solutions and great concept for bank and and currency exchange vendors.

As an alternative service channel, the kiosk’s digital screen provides updates about currency exchange rates 24/7 timely, enabling customers to self-exchange the required currency, and validate their identity through national ID cards or passport scanner, biometric verification, or photo capturing. This authenticates the procedure with the goal of ensuring secure transactions coupled with a convenient customer journey.

What's the benefits of currency exchange kiosks?

A money exchange self-service kiosk can add a unique value for currency exchange houses and banks, including:

Extend Business Services 24/7 Hours

A currency exchange machine can be installed in or outside the money exchange house,the bank branch, or in various public places such as Shopping Malls,Hotels, Airports, and Railway stations. Besides money exchange, the extend other services 24/7,such as money transfer (remittance), bills payment, prepaid travel cards issuance, and more can be included and customized.


Better Utilization of Staff

Self-service kiosks help the currency exchange houses and banks to expand their working hours without increasing the number of employees. It also enables them to utilize their existing employees more efficiently, which means that they can serve more customers with less staff and costs.

Reduce Operational and Renting Costs

Currency exchange houses and banks can use these self-service machines to cut the transactional and operational costs of branches and employees, since these cost-effective kiosks allow them to downsize their branches while serving more clients. The machines can be integrated with a centralized management system, allowing you to remotely configure, upgrade, and fix any errors, making the cost-effective kiosks easy to maintain by lowering management and maintenance costs.

Flexibility to Relocate the Machines

Another benefit of the currency exchange machine is that it can be flexibly installed in a variety of locations. It can also be relocated to target locations with an increased footfall. This enables money exchange houses and banks to expand their reach and increase their profitability.

Monitoring and Reporting

With embedded business intelligence tools, the money exchange kiosks can provide currency exchange houses and banks’ management with live monitoring on the status of the machines, warnings and alerts, as well as advanced reports such as real-time cash inventory status.


How To Change Muti-foreign currencies to local Currency(SGD as an example)? There are 2 Options:

Option 1:Exchange Muti-foreign currencies to SGD

Step 1:Tap start exchange and select ‘get foreign currency’.

Step 2:Agree to terms of use.

Step 3:Select foreign currency and choose the amount.

Step 4:Insert SGD note(one piece at a time).

Step 5:Confirm payment summary.

Step 6: Collect foreign currency, SGD note change and receipts.


Option 2:Exchange SGD to Muti-foreign currencies

Step 1:Tap on start exchange and select ‘get SGD currency’.

Step 2:Agree to terms of use.

Step 3:Insert foreign currency notes(one piece at a time).

Step 4:When finished, tap on ‘confirm’.

Step 5:Confirm payment summary.

Step 6:Collect SGD notes, coins and receipts.

Can Money Exchange Kiosks Perform Other Banking Services?

It is worth noting that the currency exchange service is not the only service that can be performed through these self-service kiosks. 

On the other hand, self-service kiosks that are deployed for banks can be integrated with banking and payment systems to provide many more services such as opening a new account, instant card issuance, cheque printing/deposit, instant account statement printing, and many other banking services, ensuring a more convenient customer journey with less waiting time and effort.

Achieve Digital Branch Transformation with Hongzhou Smart's Multifunction Money Exchange Kiosk

Integrating digital transformation technologies into money exchange houses and banks is the key to differentiating your business and providing a better customer experience. Hongzhou Smart can assist you in achieving digital branch transformation, ensuring that your customers have pleasant journeys even after your business hours.

Hongzhou Smart's currency exchange kiosks use advanced business intelligence tools including live dashboards and maps to monitor the status of each self-service machine and provide warnings and alerts if an issue arises. The machine’s central management software allows you to remotely monitor hundreds of machines through a desktop or smartphone. The safety vault for the cash dispenser is robust and locked; only an authorized person with a key can open the safety vault.

Furthermore, Hongzhou Smart's built-in reporting system delivers valuable insights to money exchange houses and banks' management via advanced reports regarding kiosk visits, transaction details, current inventory details (for cash, coins, and receipts), and revenue growth analysis.

Hongzhou Smart’s money exchange kiosks can be used as a smart marketing and advertising tool, where you can promote your products and services on the kiosk body, as well as display targeted promotions based on the customer profile and selected service on the kiosk’s digital screen.

Achieve digital branch transformation through self-service currency exchange solutions today,get in touch with us for more detail.

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