Customer order new ways, new dining experience of ascension

by:Hongzhou      2021-01-26
For a restaurant, the meal peak long queues waiting for customers, waiter, chef as busy as a bee, turn over rate is not high is again a gives businesses a headache thing, how to efficiently solve the problem of restaurant, become the restaurant's problems. Aimed at the problem of science and technology launched a 'self service order machine for consumers to eat it more simple. What is the specific? In general, the flow of customers to the restaurant is called the waiter and order, and finally to pay cash or credit card. Now, the customer only need to order through the self-service machine, customers can order on the order screen, sweep the yard to pay, order after the completion of the data transmission to the kitchen. Can realize the quick order, order, pay and serving all processes, efficient and convenient order, customer order check; Also reduces the restaurant waitress pressure. Promotive self-help order machine not only enhancing meal efficiency, which has the function of big data ordering system support, can seize the shortcomings of traditional restaurant. The past bosses can be analyzed which sell well, the cost of each dish, unit price, but customer analysis is less than diet hobbies, do you want to secondary marketing, etc. And ordering system can solve this problem well, and can also be offline to online user experience drainage, the entrance line for offline stores diversion. Save under the traditional lifestyle of multifarious and inconvenience, make restaurant more simple, may be the magic of self service order machine. order machine is not just a 'palm restaurant, but behind the customer resources and industry. Science and technology will continue to explore the food industry, as merchants brought a better business model, make business easier from now on.
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